My New Best Friend
Disney Dad John Ducey and Supernatural Oracle Robbie Benedict decide if they want to be best friends or not each month.







December 2010
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After a long time off, we are back with My New Best Friend 2.0 - the courtship of Robbie and Ducey.

Now that we have exited The Bachelor phase of the show, we return with a monthly format where we check in with the two newlybests on how this crazy thing called love is taking hold.

In this episode, we set a Baseline by playing the Newlywed Game.  Will they earn the coveted 7 out of 10 Sticker of Accomplishment?

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Climax or Anit-Climax?  Last Episode of MASH or Last Episode of After-MASH?  New Best Friend Forever or New Best Friend Provisional?

Answers held within!  

Enjoy this FINAL episode of My New Best Friend Season One

Stay Tuned on this feed for the FIRST episode of My New Best Friend Season Two (Friends in Training)

Music by Louden Swain, except that first bed music which ain't from them.

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Episode LAROSE Mach 2

Chris LaRose, Old Best Friend, joins us for a final check in before The Decision is made.

We discuss the role Hawkeye played in the chicken/baby death, the dirtiest tourist area in America, and how you should deal with a missing wallet.

Listen to a non-drunk Chris LaRose for the very first time!

music by louden swain, sitting on the sidelines, wiping a tear of days gone by...

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Episode 16 - Darren Capozzi

We celebrate the launch of Starcraft 2 with its BEST voice actor: standing-up stand-up comedian Darren Capozzi.  Darren will tell us the critical 5 songs you need to DJ a wedding (hint: "Celebrate" is for amateurs).

ALSO Don't miss this opportunity to get in on the ground floor of the latest Crocs-like craze!  It's called POWERPHRASING and it is the fastest way to summarize ever invented.  

Music, LOUDen Swain. (powerphrased.)

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Episode 15 - Jon Hartmere

This week John welcomes Jon in an episode that will make you do a "Parent Trap"esque double take.

Screenwriter Jon Hartmere joins us this week to tell us what highly structured coupon clipping has to do with hell week at a baseball frat.  Beyond the obvious connection.

Much of this episode was recorded in the dark.

Music by Louden Swain, which should be obvious by now.

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After a summer hiatus, we are back for the home stretch.  In this episode, we invent dubious games with Josh Meyers - star of Mad-TV and That 70's Show.

Is Josh the Ted McGinley of the 2000s?  Is he a man with a photographic memory of flower gardens?  Or the best firefighter Pee Wee Herman ever had?

Is Ducey about to move this family to 42nd street to find out?  Listen up!

Music by Louden Swain. for all your needs.  ALL of them.

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Episode 13 - Robbie Reloaded

We welcome Robbie Benedict for this 4th appearance.  Just like Shrek.

In the style of a Steven Soderbergh film,  this mind-warping episode is a time-mix-em-up in which Ducey and Robbie come to terms with their new record label and ticket writing service.

There is also a partial premiere of a new song, aborted quickly.

 Lots of kind-of-pointless, highly-nested callbacks await.  Still lots of fun!

 music = louden swain.


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Episode 12 - Atom Freeman


Sometimes your new best friend is an old friend who gets the call.  But sometimes it is someone out of nowhere!  We introduce our first new “Blind Date” to Ducey, Eisner award-winning comic retailer Atom! Freeman.   He looks a lot like Vladimir Lenin.

We discuss taping Thomas Guides maps to the wall, Old Timey Theme Park Western Photo Booths and punching someone with keys in your hand.

Music by Louden Swain, and why wouldn’t it be!


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Episode 11 - Nicole Sullivan (Part 3)

As anticipated as the final episode of Lost, here is the final part of a three part episode, our very special time with Nicole Sullivan.

Now the sh*t gets real.

Music by louden swain.

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Episode 11 - Nicole Sullivan (Part 2)

There is no better way to celebrate the 6 month anniversary of the My New Best Friend podcast than this episode.  Nikki Sullivan, Ducey, and Greg continue their discussion and never before has an “explicit” tag been so warranted.

Not only do we talk about some “relations” that may have gone on… we focus a lot of attention on the legendary series of parties called Survivor Nights.  If you want stories about debauchery, including shock collars, Laurel Canyon nudity, and pancake syrup, then this is the episode for you.

If anyone wants to fund a documentary of Survivor Nights, here is your pitch.

Music by Louden Swain (hi Robbie!)

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