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Disney Dad John Ducey and Supernatural Oracle Robbie Benedict decide if they want to be best friends or not each month.







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We are detoxing from a long casino weekend, so we thought we would play Ducey's "Celebrity" roast of many past and future New Best Friend nominees.

Sound quality is a bit dicey and the jokes are 'inside.'  But Ducey knocks it out of the park.

Filmspotting is a terrific podcast and deserves better than what they got here.  

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Episode 8 - J.P. Manoux (Part 2)

"So... when you made a fake lottery ticket..."  Our tense conclusion with JP Manoux.


Music by Louden Swain

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Episode 8 - J.P. Manoux (Part 1)

JP Manoux joins us...  JP and Ducey are long time friends, Disney channel co-workers, and... lets just say they have a past.  A past with no shortage of issues that we had to work through.  And after two hours of podcast, we may have barely scratched the surface.

Since this was such an epic conversation, we are splitting it into two parts.  Forgive the abrupt cliffhanger... but we will pick up the 2nd hour in a week.

After the podcast, we all had a smoke on Ducey's porch, hugged it out, and began the initial planning of John Ducey Day.

Music as always by the terrific Louden Swain...

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Episode LAROSE Mach 1

After much hype and ballyhoo, we finally get to talk to John Ducey’s OBF (Old Best Friend), Chris LaRose.

We have been talking up Chris quite a bit to this date, so does he deliver the goods?  Not so much.  Why is that?  A surprising, dramatic reveal half-way through the episode will explain all! 

Chris we love you, but you talk very slowly after six beers.  OK that was the dramatic reveal, Chris had been drinking.   Not all that surprising after all.

Enjoy the triangle-challenged Chris LaRose, everyone, if you can.

Next episode, we are back to a new and exciting NBF candidate!

Music, as always, by the wonderful Louden Swain…  Check them out at

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Our Thrilling Conclusion.  Which Christian Bale movie will make Devin's list?  Which Vivica Fox movie will make mine?

Music by Louden Swain.

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Episode 7 - Greg Rice

Our "real" guest got busted by the Man this week and gave him a baaaaad case of the Mondays.  So John welcomes show moderator Greg Rice as the next candidate for best friendship.

That's me, by the way, and frankly I didn't put my heart in it.

But it's a lively conversation about broken glass and alcohol in auto travel mugs.

Music by Louden Swain, as always.  Thanks Robbie.

P.S.  Top 1-10 movies of the decade coming soon.  It's timely!

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OK, it's been tough to schedule our next guest, mainly because the NFL playoffs are very important things to watch on television. So as a sort-of, kind-of treat, Greg and past guest Devin Barry decide to rank their top 20 movies of the past decade. If you are a movie nerd, you'll love this. Otherwise, well... Ducey and Greg are in Vegas this week (we did not win, thanks for asking). So to stretch this out, you get Part 1 now of the movie nerd fest (films 20-11), followed by Part 2 (the top 10) next week. After that, we will be back on our regular recording. Otherwise, feel free to argue with us at Music, still by Louden Swain. Go Colts. 18 is coming.
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Episode 6 - Molly Kloss Technology ain't got nothing on the My New Best Friend podcast. After the dog ate our file, we regroup a day later with a 'live' (ne in-person) episode with graphic designer and award-winning color maven Molly Kloss. Can Ducey have a platonic female best friend? Only if she shares his love of sushi, playing cards, and scrap-booking. So, yes. Molly also used to date someone who is unimportant to this conversation. Music, as always, is by Robbie's band, Louden Swain.
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We taped a WONDERFUL episode 6 with Molly Kloss that was eaten by "the dog that ate my homework." This time the imaginary dog took the form of Skype recording software that imploded our episode into a garbled mess. To explain this, Greg brings in his wife Sue for a brief but entertaining chat using the "My 'Lil Podcaster" kit he got for Christmas. They also talk about their child's poop obsessions. Look out for the REAL episode 6 with Molly Kloss soon. Also coming up are bonus episodes where Devin and Greg count their top 20 movies of the decade. AND perhaps the premiere of the man himself, the erstwhile Chris LaRose.
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Episode 5 - Robbie Benedict Returns Our belated holiday present to you… the triumphant return of Robbie Benedict (aka Robert Patrick Benedict)! Robbie responds to a cease-and-desist letter, makes some audio engineering gaffs, and sends out a secret offer to his Supernatural fans. Will you get choked out by Robbie at the next Supernatural convention? Enjoy the last MNBF of the decade (good times… good times…)
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