My New Best Friend
Disney Dad John Ducey and Supernatural Oracle Robbie Benedict decide if they want to be best friends or not each month.







March 2019
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We get a tantalizing offer from a foreign nation, give bad advice to our only fan, and reveal numerical details about ourselves that are (in order of appearance) embarrasing, boastful, and just odd.

Cardinals also lose to the Phillies, sorry Robbie.

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Robbie Benedict has Jewbears Disease.  Never mind that I tried to look this up online and it doesn't exist.  HE HAS IT, ALRIGHT?

Also in this epsiode, Ducey clips articles like an old woman, Greg gets a stern warning about diabetes, and we are all racist.

We also learn the origin of the Ass Bandit. 

Hi Ryan!

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After a long hiatus things can get testy.  And after Greg talks much too fast about South by Southwest and Ducey talks in much too little detail about his new Survivor gig, we enter the game round.  And that's where it all falls apart.  Robbie tries to keep us together... but it's hard when murder isn't mean.

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So Robbie and Ducey decide to have a sushi dinner on their own, to make this Best Friend thing a reality.  But 30 minutes in they call in Rice so we can turn it into a podcast.  We thought it would be an "extrasode" bonus content, but it turns out to be our official podcast for the month of February.

Do these men just demand a non-public life?  Or was this an easy way to knock off a podcast while having some saki?

Listen for the fate of the American Sitcom, how to live forever, and who was sercretly mean in the 2008 election.

Music by Louden Swain and Matt Thompson, cause it is.

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Season Two Episode Two - The 2010 Wrapup

What started with all good intentions to be a discussion around our holidays, quickly slides into the toilet.  Literally.

Then we embark on an ill-conceived guessing game of our favorite films and TV shows of 2010, in which we ask an existential question.  If you have never seen a movie, can it be your favorite?  Discuss.


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After a long time off, we are back with My New Best Friend 2.0 - the courtship of Robbie and Ducey.

Now that we have exited The Bachelor phase of the show, we return with a monthly format where we check in with the two newlybests on how this crazy thing called love is taking hold.

In this episode, we set a Baseline by playing the Newlywed Game.  Will they earn the coveted 7 out of 10 Sticker of Accomplishment?

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Climax or Anit-Climax?  Last Episode of MASH or Last Episode of After-MASH?  New Best Friend Forever or New Best Friend Provisional?

Answers held within!  

Enjoy this FINAL episode of My New Best Friend Season One

Stay Tuned on this feed for the FIRST episode of My New Best Friend Season Two (Friends in Training)

Music by Louden Swain, except that first bed music which ain't from them.

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Episode LAROSE Mach 2

Chris LaRose, Old Best Friend, joins us for a final check in before The Decision is made.

We discuss the role Hawkeye played in the chicken/baby death, the dirtiest tourist area in America, and how you should deal with a missing wallet.

Listen to a non-drunk Chris LaRose for the very first time!

music by louden swain, sitting on the sidelines, wiping a tear of days gone by...

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Episode 16 - Darren Capozzi

We celebrate the launch of Starcraft 2 with its BEST voice actor: standing-up stand-up comedian Darren Capozzi.  Darren will tell us the critical 5 songs you need to DJ a wedding (hint: "Celebrate" is for amateurs).

ALSO Don't miss this opportunity to get in on the ground floor of the latest Crocs-like craze!  It's called POWERPHRASING and it is the fastest way to summarize ever invented.  

Music, LOUDen Swain. (powerphrased.)

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Episode 15 - Jon Hartmere

This week John welcomes Jon in an episode that will make you do a "Parent Trap"esque double take.

Screenwriter Jon Hartmere joins us this week to tell us what highly structured coupon clipping has to do with hell week at a baseball frat.  Beyond the obvious connection.

Much of this episode was recorded in the dark.

Music by Louden Swain, which should be obvious by now.

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