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Disney Dad John Ducey and Supernatural Oracle Robbie Benedict decide if they want to be best friends or not each month.







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Episode 11 - Nicole Sullivan (Part 2)

There is no better way to celebrate the 6 month anniversary of the My New Best Friend podcast than this episode.  Nikki Sullivan, Ducey, and Greg continue their discussion and never before has an “explicit” tag been so warranted.

Not only do we talk about some “relations” that may have gone on… we focus a lot of attention on the legendary series of parties called Survivor Nights.  If you want stories about debauchery, including shock collars, Laurel Canyon nudity, and pancake syrup, then this is the episode for you.

If anyone wants to fund a documentary of Survivor Nights, here is your pitch.

Music by Louden Swain (hi Robbie!)

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Episode 11 - Nicole Sullivan (Part 1)

Ducey may have lost his Best Man, but his Best Woman is still in LA, and ready to take on the mantle of John’s New Best Friend. 

Nicole Sullivan joins us to discuss Elective Cat-Scans, Malcolm Gladwell’s Connector Theory, and why we’re all f*cked.

Nikki and Ducey have such a long, storied past, so like JP's this will be a multi-part episode.  At least two parts, but dare it go for a record three-peat?

And like every episode it seems, we had a new audio problem to deal with – this week Greg’s mic blew out around 15 minutes in.  But honestly, you won’t even notice.  I’m not what you would call a “paid” comedian, so I edited out most of my asides and demands for attention.  (The mic issue is fixed in the follow-up Nikki episodes, I'm sorry to say.)

Music, as always, is by Louden Swain.

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Episode 10 - Rachel Reenstra (audio issues)

OK, so I am frankly a lousy audio engineer.  Even with my new fancy set-up, this episode turned out to be recorded from the mic in our laptop and not the mics we were holding.  I tried to compress the file the best I could, but well, it may be hard to hear. 

But Rachel Reenstra was amazing, so if you can gut through the audio problems, you'll hear some terrific stories of Ducey and Rachel's past.  Rachel is a TV host (HGTV's Designed to Sell, and Animal Planet's Ms. Adventure), and vlogger.  And a holder of a $2000 bottle of wine!

Audio issues ironed out next episode.  Sorry Rachel and Ducey.  DON'T JUDGE ME!

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BONUS - The Final Manews from SxSW Film Fest

Ducey and Greg are passing each other in the night due to travel and liquor sweats.  So Greg Skyped JP Manoux to put a final bow on their SxSW experience.  No Ducey, boo.

Interested on how to audition for Burn Notice in a hotel room, or get out of an awkward conversation with Ryan Phillippe, or find a secret rock show lit by flame throwers?  Then listen on!


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BONUS - Possible Best Friends Rawk SxSW

Greg declared 2010 year of the film festival.  And we start at South by Southwest in Austin Texas.  

And we end there too.

Greg brought along a couple of potential Ducey Best Friends - JP Manoux and Atom! Freeman.  We talk about the movies we've seen over the first few days and the BBQ sweats we got.

Ducey isn't here, so he can't play.


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Episode 9 - Robbie Reloaded

Every 4 episodes, we bring back our own Tony Randall, Robbie "Supernatural" Benedict.

Does bringing Robbie back so much mean he is going to be a finalist?  Of course not.

BUT music as always is by the great Louden Swain.

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We are detoxing from a long casino weekend, so we thought we would play Ducey's "Celebrity" roast of many past and future New Best Friend nominees.

Sound quality is a bit dicey and the jokes are 'inside.'  But Ducey knocks it out of the park.

Filmspotting is a terrific podcast and deserves better than what they got here.  

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Episode 8 - J.P. Manoux (Part 2)

"So... when you made a fake lottery ticket..."  Our tense conclusion with JP Manoux.


Music by Louden Swain

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Episode 8 - J.P. Manoux (Part 1)

JP Manoux joins us...  JP and Ducey are long time friends, Disney channel co-workers, and... lets just say they have a past.  A past with no shortage of issues that we had to work through.  And after two hours of podcast, we may have barely scratched the surface.

Since this was such an epic conversation, we are splitting it into two parts.  Forgive the abrupt cliffhanger... but we will pick up the 2nd hour in a week.

After the podcast, we all had a smoke on Ducey's porch, hugged it out, and began the initial planning of John Ducey Day.

Music as always by the terrific Louden Swain...

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Episode LAROSE Mach 1

After much hype and ballyhoo, we finally get to talk to John Ducey’s OBF (Old Best Friend), Chris LaRose.

We have been talking up Chris quite a bit to this date, so does he deliver the goods?  Not so much.  Why is that?  A surprising, dramatic reveal half-way through the episode will explain all! 

Chris we love you, but you talk very slowly after six beers.  OK that was the dramatic reveal, Chris had been drinking.   Not all that surprising after all.

Enjoy the triangle-challenged Chris LaRose, everyone, if you can.

Next episode, we are back to a new and exciting NBF candidate!

Music, as always, by the wonderful Louden Swain…  Check them out at

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